remedial pruning


Remedial pruning of a tree is often carried out when the tree has established too many branches within the crown, that have grown from dormant buds on the main stems. It can occur naturally on some species of trees, but is usually the result of over-pruning, or when the tree is under stress e.g. from drought.

Although sometimes seemingly dangerous, remedial pruning and dismantling of damaged or hazardous trees can be done safely by our experienced staff.

When is the right time to prune a tree?

The remedial pruning of a tree very much depends on the species of the tree. Different species are pruned according to the time of year, due to sap rising and risk of certain diseases. With our expertise we can provide guidance on the best time to conduct remedial pruning.


Very quick, here 2 hours. Excellent work, very knowledgeable, three very lovely guys! I would highly recommend this company.
— Customer in Godstone