stump grinding


Stump grinding is an effective way of reducing the visible remainder of an unsightly tree stump to below ground level, leaving the site in the perfect condition for replanting or laying of turf.

A stump grinder is a piece of equipment that cuts a stump down, removing it and turning it into a mulch-like substance.

Are all stump chippings removed from site?

Unlike tree chippings, the resultant waste from stump grinding is left on site in a manageable amount, whereby the mulch will rot down to provide perfect fertiliser for replanting.

Why should I remove the tree stump?

Removing the tree stump not only gets rid of the old wood , it can also help with the aesthetics and usability of your garden space, making room for a new planting scheme, a walkway, or patio. Also, old tree stumps that have been in your garden for years may rot and encourage mould and fungi, which can contaminate the rest of your garden, harming or even killing other plant life.


The team did a first rate job, carried the work out in time and very tidy. In addition they were knowledgeable on my trees and gave advice.
— Customer in East Grinstead